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This side contains Lightwave 3D material.

Here you will be able to find some of my
3D Images, Carlogos, Anaglyph stereo images,
Lightwave 3D Video Tutorials
and also some of my Digital Photos.

NEWS: Welcome to 2015
a year has past and alot has happened in the year
in my life, but dont fear, ime still here :)
ime currently working on a solution for a future webpage update
as my page currently is build in Flash wich is not supported by
iphone and ipads, so trying to find a good solution to
make my webpage more Ipad friendly
so if all goes well some time in the near future
i hope to update my webpage.

If you wanna check out my Youtube Channel
you can get to it here

In case your local "denmark" and wanna see
how you can get your 3D model
made into a glass sculpture, check out.


See you soon


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